Mansoura university is making progress in international rankings and is honored to host alarge number of international students

Actually Mansoura University continues to ascend in the domestic and international rankings of universities. Mansoura University has aptly achieved the second position among the Egyptian universities, after being in the third position last year. It becomes the ninth in Africa according to the results of Webometrics 2016 . Also Mansoura University occupies the first place among the Egyptian universities in terms of the numbers of international students in both stages of university education namely undergraduate and postgraduate. Though we are highely, honored, this increases our burdens in order to preserve it, and it makes our responsibilities to exerts no efforts to excel ourselves at every step, this honorable attitude brings a lot of cooperation between the university and the most important destinations , and they also benefit the university in playing its role efficiently as it makes progress by effort and work.

Student Club

International Students Administration and International Students Club at Mansoura University, under the patronage of Prof. Mohammed Hassan El-Kenawy, president of the university, organized "Sports Tournament". It included a number of games; football, basketball and handball. It was attended by (120) students from various foreign communities which receive knowledge in Mansoura University in all different level of education. The competitions took place in the Olympic Village in an enthusiastic atmosphere with the presence of many students from different communities with the participation and encouragement of the Egyptian students.

International Students Administration and its staff members at Mansoura University is keen to upgrade and communicate with International Students, and facilitate their difficulties in order to make them feel that they are in their second country, Egypt. International Students Administration invites all international students to communicate and interact to offer all types of help and assistance

Important announcement for our International Students in undergraduate level: For all the students who register to study at Mansoura university for the new academic year 2016/2017 have to log in to the following link to know the students who get the recommendation to study at Mansoura university. Click Here

The International Students' Administration in Mansoura University has established a nursery for international students' kids to enable them to do their exams without worrying about their kids with the purpose of helping them succeed and excel.

Objectives of the Office

The office aims to set goals and integrated policies to support international students in many areas, as well as helping students overcome the difficulties in front of them and through Alastrtejah the following goals:
* Facilitate and monitor the registration procedures, registration and graduation for students within the university Care of international students and by providing:
* Academic support.
* Health and psychological support services.
* Marketing and provision of information for all courses in the various university faculties, conditions of admission.

Latest News

The First Edition of "The International Newspaper of International Students'' with the voice of our International Student at Mansoura University in English and Arabic language , under the patronage of Prof. Mohamed Hassan El-Kenawy( President of Mansoura University). This is to exchange culture among different nationalities in Mansoura University.

International Students Administration, under the supervision of prof. Hossam El-Din Mostafa would like to thank prof. Mohamed Hassan El-Kenawy, the president of Mansoura University for his continuous support for the administration. Special thanks to him for approving to establish The First Scientific Conference for Researches and Innovations of International Students at Egyptian Universities which will be held from 18 - 19 April 2016. The participation in the conference is open for any Egyptian researcher or International student who is currently or was previously enrolled in any Egyptian Educational Institution. The participation is about presenting a distinguished scientific research, or an academic or applied scientific innovation. Mansoura University will sponsor the presentation of such researches in a multinational carnival conference. For more information, check the university website.

Prof. Mohammed Hassan El-Kenawy, president of Mansoura University received a delegation from the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, headed by Mr. Shlan Ismail, accompanied by the Malaysian Embassy members, headed by Dr. Mohammed Radi, Cultural Counselor of Malaysia in Cairo in the presence of Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and general supervisor of the International Student Administration. The visit comes within the framework of the consolidation of relations between the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the University of Mansoura and discuss the conditions and problems of Malaysian students.
Prof. El-Kenawy confirmed that MU is ready to receive complaints and the problems of international students and Malaysian students with great care and concern by Mansoura University.

On behalf of the Iraqi consul in Egypt, the representatives of Iraqi community presented a memorial shield of the Iraqi embassy to the president of the university, as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the efforts of the university's administration, deans of faculties and all employees of the international students Administration. In the presence of Dr. Hossam El-Din Mustafa, coordinator of International Students Administration and Mrs. Sahar El-Eraky, director of the International Students Administration, they conveyed the Iraqi embassy's constant consideration of communicating with the university to take care of the Iraqi Students.
Mr. Haitham El-Shegeiry and Mr. Qasim Prias Ahmed were the representatives of the Iraqi community.

We are proud to be Mansourian!

Mansoura University is pleased to apply for Undergraduate level, Postgraduate level and International Researchers.